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"Aloha" the flower from Hawaii

The traditional Hula

Experienced on the Islands of all the South Seas is a Renaissance. Many young South Sea inhabitants identify themselves today with the century old tradition, which the Yussara Hawaii show will convey to you seductively, with varied amusing and traditional South Sea romantic dances. You will find that the energy, the charm, the exotic hip swing and the harmony is irresistible and every audience member will automatically be bound into this magical spell.

My Hawaiian Show

My Hawaiian Show contains a variety of different Hula Dances. The Hula Dance is one of the oldest, typical musical dances from Hawaii. The Hula Dance is an ongoing tradition which is accompanied by drums and singing. The most important utensils for the Hula Dance are the grass skirts, and the flower and shell lei.

The Hula Dance ranks as one of the most beautiful Hawaiian Dances, with harmonious movements that are conveyed by the dancers. Rhythm, Dance and blooming aroma seem to swiftly come together to combine and regulate the old historical dance.

Let yourself be drawn into the magical experience

The South Sea inhabitants find the dance and music heavenly, and in some Polynesian languages there is only one word for heaven, Light of the world, song and poetry. The Hawaiian natives are described as hospitable and warm. This tradition is continued through the Yussara Cunha - Aloha Culture. A garland made from flowers or shells which symbolize this spirit may be given to your guests.

The Yussara® South Sea Polynesian and Hawaii-show is pure entertainment, a mixture of tradition with Hollywood and Disneyland style.

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Traditional coconut open to welcome your guests

Further information

Further information regarding Yussara Cunha - Yussara Dance Company can be found at my following web site www.yussara.de or on the English language sites www.yussara.com and www.hawaii-show.com. Here I offer further historical background for the different dance directions of my Shows as well as hundreds of pictures and videos for your perusal. Take a look!

Yussara® Dance Company

I offer, exclusive, original unique entertainment with class, for all kinds of venues, events and functions. I Yussara Cunha, looking forward to your requests and to working successfully together.

My Hawaii Show and South Sea Polynesian and is pure entertainment, a mixture of tradition with Hollywood and Disneyland style.

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